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Industrial Hygiene Services


Resolution, Incorporated is experienced in the assessment of hazards from hazardous materials including chemicals, asbestos, lead and mold. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to assist our clients in the elimination or mitigation of human exposure to environmental health hazards. Our services include the performance of employee exposure monitoring required by government regulatory agencies as well as the development of mandatory programs required by OSHA. Since 1986, Resolution, Incorporated has provided the following industrial hygiene services:

  • Written Safety and Health Programs
  • Noise Level Monitoring
  • Chemical, Physical, and Biological Hazard Assessment
  • Process Safety and Equipment Review
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Personal Exposure Monitoring
  • Sample Collection and Analysis in Accordance With NIOSH Methods
  • Recommendations for Hazard Control
  • Review of Regulations and Standards
  • Recordkeeping Assistance




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